Introducing our new homes.
A place where community and nature work together.
Building better homes for future generations and our world.
It’s less house, more home.

Parc Hadau
adding zero carbon homes to the community
at Rhydyfro, Pontardawe

We’re Sero Homes. We build true zero carbon homes to help battle the climate emergency, and we’re working to transform the scrubland at the top of Waunsterw into 35 new sustainable homes to help meet the demand in your area, which we’re calling “Parc Hadau”.

Parc Hadau – the story so far
At Sero, we genuinely want to deliver better homes and are committed to working with our neighbours, as the experts in the local area and community, to help us do this.

We held our first public exhibition in July 2019 on our initial ideas, followed by a second public engagement on our draft planning documents in October, including an event at Rhydyfro Primary School.  We particularly enjoyed our interactive session with the Year 6 pupils sharing ideas about developing zero carbon homes and designing homes fit for future generations.

Overall, it has been great to have such a positive response to our proposals, and we have tried to take on board ideas from the community to improve our plans.  For example, we have now allocated space for community food growing and have provided two larger 4-bedroom homes suitable for larger families.

You can find out more about the engagement activity undertaken and responses received by viewing the Pre Application Consultation Report.

The planning application was approved by members of Neath Port Talbot Council’s Planning Committee on December 17th.

In addition, due to the innovative nature of Parc Hadau, in September 2020 we received the really great news that we have successfully secured some funding under the Welsh Government’s Innovation Housing Programme fund. This helps to support the increased costs associated with all the zero carbon and ecological features we propose.

Over the summer, we’ll have specialists on site to help relocate our current residents – small reptiles and toads. Using specialist fences, we’re separating part of the land near to the woods to provide a construction free sanctuary for our reptile and amphibian friends.

In order for this to work, and keep the reptiles safe, it’s really important that the specialist fencing remains intact. If you see any damage, we’d really appreciate you letting us know by phoning 029 2000 1415 so we can quickly drop by and fix it.

After safely relocating our reptiles, we’ll be undertaking the work to form the home foundations and the base for the circular driveway around them.

We anticipate it’ll be autumn before we start, with our first priority being to resolve site drainage and water run-off.

Doing this all in one go should help us keep any inconvenience for local neighbours to a minimum, ensuring the area gets back to being fairly clean while we crack on with the quieter phase of building new homes – we expect you’ll be able to start seeing these taking shape early in the New Year, with the first homes ready in early 2022.

You can read our latest Neighbour Update newsletter here.

Once the scheme is complete, there should be plenty of opportunity to wildlife to thrive alongside the homes we’ve built. All our homes will be professionally managed by Sero Homes to provide hassle-free living with long term tenancies and index linked rents to keep them at a fair price. Get in touch if you are interested in being a resident at Parc Hadau.

Everything you need to know:

Parc Hadau is a Sero Homes project – we’re a Welsh start-up business, and we want to re-think housing by building sustainable, innovative, high-quality homes that are friendly to the environment. Through innovative design and master-planning, we intend to create exceptional places that are fit for the future. You can find out more about us by visiting:

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If you have any questions about the project or public exhibition and consultation, then please get in touch:

Call: 01792 961213
Email: Hello@Parc-Hadau.Wales